Something’s Brewin’ at HyLo

Ladies and gents, it’s official. Today we move out of 333 S. 20th and cede the space to the lovely Bela of NINObrand. We’ll be hibernating in some rustic locales the next few weeks as we cook up grand plans for the holidays & beyond.

In the meantime, the ladies of Love Illuminati join us for a little pow-wow in Queen Village. We spend the better part of the morning concocting schemes at our neighborhood caffeine joint before walking up 6th Street to sample styles at our favorite shoe boutique. Work meets play, indeed! Come along for the ride…

Coffee Talk at Shot Tower

542 Christian Street, Phila., PA 19147

First stop: Shot Tower Coffee. A cup of Shot Tower joe has long been our morning ritual, but it’s Katra and Dani’s first time here. Katra (clad in denim) is enamored of the space. She loves the natural light and communal tables (perfect for brainstorming). She’s particularly fond of the swivel seats. Barista Tomas Diaz treats us to round after round of Counter Culture brews, and Shelby can’t seem to get enough.

Stroll up Sixth

Sixth St. meets Passyunk Ave., bound by Fitzwater St.

Katra and Dani retrieve their vehicle while the rest of us saunter to meet them on Fabric Row. The gang indulges Jen by taking her favorite route up Passyunk to Fitzwater. We move at a snail’s pace, relishing the languid temps and crisp fall air.

Foot Fetish at Bus Stop Boutique

727 S. 4th Street, Phila., PA 19147

Arrived, at last! Historic Fabric Row’s abuzz with activity these days, and Bus Stop Boutique is one little hive at the center of it all. Katra and Dani have made the trip all the way from Newtown, so the least we could do was show them a stylish game of footsie. Aubrie schools us in the latest arrivals and Tymbre picks out a killer pair of wedges for Jen…

The real showstopper is when Katra falls in love with a pair of Sweet Melissas: These little babies are water proof! Made from recycled plastic, look like suede, they are hypo allergenic and extremely comfortable! And smell like bubblegum??!?! Yep they do, just found out these babies are vegan & also smell like bubblegum! Big sniff into shoe.. They make me excited for wet weather!

By the time we wrap up our game of dress-up, we’re bubbly too. These past few weeks have been a whirlwind and we can’t wait for what the future brings…for us and for you. Stay tuned.